Past projects


Organic chemistry shop (for life scientists)

  • LabInflow
  • LabInflow - search results

We built LabInflow — an organic chemistry shop for life scientists with full-text search.


Ordering car services by SMS

  • Multiwash
  • Multiwash - location map
  • Multiwash - SMS

We built Multiwash — a service that lets you order car wash services by SMS, with automatic monthly billing of all the cars in the car fleet with a single invoice. Included is SMS server and web-based administrator interface. The site is integrated with Google geocoding service and Google Maps.

XForms-related work

We did some XForms-related work for betterForm, Berlin, Germany.

References from prof. Piotr Durka, head of Dept. of Biomedical Physics at Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw


Signal Viewer, Analyzer and Recorder on GPL

  • Svarog screenshot (1)

We redesigned the architecture of an existing Java SE signal processing application (about 150000 lines of code) implementing an extensible system of plugins. This resulted in better robustness and application security, higher reliability, easier maintenance and better possibilities for future extensions.

This project was a joint effort with Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw. Eisenbits team was 2-4 people.

You can read more about Svarog here or take a look at Svarog Developers Area.

Free software projects

In our free time, we work on free software. See projects that we contributed to.