Key benefits

  1. High quality, efficient, robust and standards-compliant web applications designed from the ground up specifically for you and your business, with security in mind
  2. Zero Bugs Warranty.

Web applications

We offer development of web applications and sites. Be it a sophisticated, distributed, transactional database application or a simple static web page — we are here to help you.

Security first

We believe that application security is the most important factor, and we design our apps with security in mind at all levels.

Famous data security breaches that occured in recent years (like: Sony's PlayStation Network (2011), AOL (2006) or LinkedIn (2012) show without any doubt how serious this problem is.

Frameworks are optional

Frameworks make the lives of the developers easier, because they provide ready to use components or application skeletons. But on the other hand, they introduce their own bugs to the project, take away control over what is going on under the hood, and make configuration management more difficult. Also, due to their general nature they tend to be slow, and sometimes memory consuming.

If all you need is a simple website, or a small app, a framework will probably do. If you expect high throughput, big volumes of data or require low latency, something more sophisticated may be required (like a distributed backend architecture implemented in C++, for example).

We are always fair to the client about the pros and cons of each solution.

Standards compliance

We believe that standards organizations, like the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), are here to enable interoperability across various devices, platforms and user agents. This means we will always try to be as standards-compliant as possible, and that we will discourage you from using non-portable, standards-violating or browser-specific solutions. One example of that is Adobe Flash, which, although admittedly popular, has been severely criticised for its security flaws, usability problems and privacy issues.