Key benefits

  1. Highly qualified staff, solid company
  2. part of the western world
  3. low cost.

Extra reading

  1. TopCoder country ranking
  2. TopCoder school ranking
  3. Polish School of Mathematics

Why Eisenbits?

Why Poland?

Poland has long and outstanding record of mathematical thought and teaching. This serves as a ground for the exceptional development in computer science in the recent decades, including great successes of young Polish programmers in various programming competitions around the world (including International Olympiad in Informatics, Google Code Jam, TopCoder Open, ACM ICPC, Imagine Cup, Samsung Developer Challenge and many more).

Polish programmers are not only among the best in the world, but they are also numerous (see TopCoder country ranking; think: who is using the Latin Alphabet here? Poles do.). It is for a reason that some of the world's biggest technology companies (including IBM, Google, Samsung and Motorola) decided to open their R&D centers in Poland!

Some of the other advantages that Poland has to offer:

  1. High standards (legal and other): European Union member since 2004
  2. Easy travel: Central European location, Schengen Area member since 2007
  3. UTC+01:00 (in winter) or UTC+02:00 (in summer) time zones
  4. Good Internet + mobile phone infrastructure
  5. Low cultural barrier: Poland has over 1000 years of European history; historically it is part of Latin civilization (western Christianity) (unlike, for example, Russia)
  6. ... and the best: salaries in Poland, though certainly higher than in India, are still way lower than in the USA, Germany or other developed countries. This includes salaries in IT, too.

"Poland - a well programmed place!" ACM ICPC 2012 World Finals promotional video

Why Eisenbits?

  1. We have originated from Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Mechanics, University of Warsaw — the leading computer science academic institution in Poland, and one of the best in the world.
  2. We have knowledge, skills and broad, long-term experience (more experience: here).
  3. We have excellent team.
  4. We contribute to Free/libre/open source software.
  5. Thanks to our experience we are able to choose the right process + right technology + right tools for the job.
  6. We have small but strong and reliable network of partner companies. This enables us to handle even big, hard, cross-domain, non-standard tasks.

License: CC BY-SA 2.5, based on: EU27-2008_European_Union_map.svg.